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We can supply callas to all domestic buyers in New Zealand, whether you are a broker, florist or just someone wanting callas for that special occasion.


Product / colour availability - some colours may not be available all season due to the multiple plantings required for the extended flowering and the ever changing seasonal export colour trends.

Calla Tubers - We also do calla tuber sales for the home gardener so you can grow your own beautiful callas. Some varieties are covered by PVR (Plant Variety Rights) so they cannot be commercially propergated.

Delivery - We offer overnight delivery in the North Island and the choice of overnight or 48 hr delivery in the South Island. We also allow pick up from our growing operation giving you further cost savings.

Depending on your requirements courier charges are:

$12.00 + GST per box within the North Island

$24.00 + GST per box within the South Island (48hrs)

$45.00 + GST per box within the South Island (overnight)

Orders under $30.00 also incur a $6.00 packing fee

Tuber Delivery

North Island $5.50 + GST

South Island $7.50 + GST


Callas for every occasion please note freight charge change !